Sunday, May 30, 2010


1- Play World Cup online games and test your knowledge about countries, flags, football words, World Cup places ... at Teacher Planet.

3- Create your custom football T-shirt at ImageChef.
4- Design your own superflag with your favourite teams and discover the meanings of flags at We are multicolored.

4- Create your World Cup dancing at Univision: upload your own photos and join in on the fun!
5- Listen to "Waving Flag", the World Cup 2010 anthem by K´naan and do the activity at Quia (created by Reneé Maufroid)

Come on kids! World Cup 2010 in South Africa is coming soon. Have fun!


  1. Hello Luz ! I'm David I
    Your post is very fun.I just make a post with this.

  2. I´ve just seen it. Very good David. You are an excellent blogger. Keep on working!

  3. Dear Luz, I've just discovered your blog via Aurora Jove's post recommendation. I love blogging and sharing as you do.

    A question, how did you insert this scroll message at the bottom of your post?

  4. What a nice surprise Ana Maria! I am a fan of your wonderful blog "Life Feast" from one year ago. I learn a lot with your activities.
    I learned to insert the scroll text on "Blog the César". Here is the link:
    I hope this will be useful for you.