Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Explore and discover what it was like living as a child in 20th Century London. You have got four great interactive stories to choose:
*Work, Worms and War (1900-1918)
*Blitz, Bombs and Blackout (1939-1952)
*Fog, Fashion and Football (1952-1969)
*Pop, Punk and Parting (1971-1999)

A cute ghost appears and disappears along the stories telling you what to do.
You can name your own ghost, change his colour and choose different items for him.
At "Fun Stuff" section you can do quizzes or play games to test your knowledge about 20th Century London.

Each time you read and complete a story, you will get a sticker. Collect all the stickers to receive a special certificate!
Good luck, kids!


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