Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Clock Tower is the name of the famous tower of Parliament in London, more popularly known as Big Ben.
Do you want to climb to the top of this tower, kids?
Make an interactive online tour that takes you behind the clock face and inside the Clock Tower:
- First, find the Clock Tower entrance and follow the blue arrows to move to another room.
- Click on the blue circles to find out information about things.
- Look for the stairs to go up or down to the next level.

There are seven floors:
- On the first and second floor: Exhibitions Rooms.
- On the third floor: Mechanism Room.
- On the fourth floor: The Clock Dial.
- On the fifth floor: The Belfry. You can see here the huge bell called Big Ben and the four quarter bells hang.
- On the sixth floor: Bell Support Platform.
- On the seventh floor: Ayrton Light.
You will finally be at the top of the Clock Tower! Enjoy the views!



  1. teacher: I´m at the top!! ha,ha!... but I can´t see the London Eye.

  2. I can see the big bell,finally!!!!